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Keysville hardware store to close

Butch Shook, owner of Keysville Hardware and Farm Supply, will close his store at the end of August after almost 30 years in business. Shook ... Read more

3 months ago by Crystal Vandegrift.

Beginning business in a pandemic

For most small businesses, the first year of operation is already packed with trials and tribulations. For a business having to overcome an economy-slowing pandemic ... Read more

3 months ago by Alexa Massey.

Centra designated Baby Friendly

Centra Southside Community Hospital (CSCH) has received the Baby-Friendly designation from the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative, a global program sponsored by the United Nations Children’s Fund ... Read more

3 months ago by Crystal Vandegrift.

Cardinal plans moving forward

Cardinal Homes Inc., a modular home construction company located in Wylliesburg, that was sold in February has hired additional workers and, while most businesses are ... Read more

3 months ago by Crystal Vandegrift.

Lack of students hits economy hard

In a span of less than two weeks, Farmville has gone from being a two-college town to a no-college town in an effort to limit ... Read more

7 months ago by Titus Mohler.

Juvenile injured in sawmill accident

  An accident at a sawmill at 3528 Woodfork Road at Charlotte Court House led to a juvenile being transported by helicopter to University of ... Read more

3 years ago by Emily Hollingsworth.

Break-in reported at Country Club Service Center

A breaking and entering over the weekend that resulted in a auto repair shop losing tools and equipment is being investigated by the Charlotte County ... Read more

3 years ago by Staff Report.

Sheldon’s Motel and Restaurant changes ownership

By Morgan White and Anna Bultrowicz The Charlotte Gazette Keysville’s Sheldon’s Motel and Restaurant, one of Charlotte County’s landmark sites, changed ownership Tuesday — plans ... Read more

4 years ago by Morgan White.

Container catches fire at Genesis

By Italia Gregory and Brian Klingenfus The Charlotte Gazette An early afternoon container fire at Genesis Products in Keysville summoned several volunteer fire companies Monday. ... Read more

4 years ago by Staff Report.

Heartland authority set to meet Thursday

The Virginia’s Heartland Regional Industrial Facility Authority will meet Thursday at 3 p.m. for the first time since October. The meeting will be held in ... Read more

4 years ago by Halle Parker.

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