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Column – Mask up for Halloween

Halloween will be different for all of us this year. Though many people are likely planning a nice night in, eating candy and watching scary ... Read more

1 week ago by Alexa Massey.

Column – Where’s the apology for church’s superspreader event?

Pardon me, but contrary to the Facebook post from Emmanuel Bible Church in Keysville, I don’t think it is a silly question to ask why ... Read more

1 week ago by Roger Watson.

Pathway back is coming into view

It’s often important to hear rumors of something happening before it actually happens, to know the skids are being greased, to understand that a path ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Titus Mohler.

COLUMN — A letter to my pre-pandemic self

Imagine you’re writing a letter to the 2019 version of yourself. It’s something I think about often. What would you say to that person? What ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Alexa Massey.

COLUMN — Free yourself from things

I recently stumbled upon an illustration online that likely originally came from The New Yorker. In the drawing, an elderly man was standing in front ... Read more

1 month ago by Alexa Massey.

COLUMN — Redistricting amendment is fair

For three quarters of the last century, Virginia was effectively a one-party state. That political party could enact anything they wanted.  Because they controlled the ... Read more

2 months ago by Frank Ruff.

COLUMN — One percent sales tax would repair schools

On this year’s election ballot, voters will be asked to decide whether a 1 percent sales tax increase should be added to certain items purchased ... Read more

2 months ago by Guest Columnist.

Tips on how to cook

As someone who spends much of her free time in the kitchen mastering the art of home cookery, I am often approached by friends and ... Read more

2 months ago by Alexa Massey.

The strangest year as a sports editor continues

In the spring when the COVID-19 pandemic led to the shutdown of all spring sports and then when the shutdown extended to Dixie all-star season, ... Read more

2 months ago by Titus Mohler.

COLUMN — Medicare-X would provide low-cost health insurance for all

On Jan. 15, 1940, the Richmond Times-Dispatch ran a quarter-page photo of a professionally dressed, bespectacled man signing some seemingly unceremonious clerical papers. Such a ... Read more

3 months ago by Guest Columnist.

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