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Opinion — Is Virginia really No. 1 for business?

It was great news that, according to CNBC, Virginia is the number one state in the nation to do business. An honor like this is ... Read more

6 days ago by Frank Ruff.

Opinion — No one objects to the teaching of American history

As the debate over Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools becomes more widespread and more defined, supporters of the practice have begun to change their ... Read more

6 days ago by Guest Columnist.

Opinion — REV initiative offers training assistance

Employment data for Virginia presents a complicated picture. In 2019 before COVID-19 shutdowns impacted the economy, Virginia reported an unemployment rate of only 2.7%. During ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Quentin Johnson.

Opinion — Protecting the environment through Earth Day

God created the Earth and blessed each of us with the ability to protect our planet by keeping it clean through recycling, conservation and preservation. ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Judy Moore.

Opinion — New law causes energy bills to increase

Democrats have been doing their dead level best to make electricity more expensive for Virginians. In 2020, they passed the Virginia Clean Economy Act, which ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Guest Columnist.

OPINION — Several African-Americans served in the General Assembly after the Civil War

The Civil War had ended and the United States of America was in turmoil. On January 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Judy Moore.

OPINION — The history of the Hawaiian language

The Hawaiian language is as exotic as the people who speak it. The Hawaiian alphabet or ka pi’apa Hawai’i is used to write words in ... Read more

1 month ago by Judy Moore.

OPINION — Dreaming of a trip to Hawaii

Aloha in paradise. Those words conjure up feelings of love, culture and a people who celebrate their rich heritage. Of the 10 places I want ... Read more

1 month ago by Judy Moore.

OPINION — Amazingly, parole board investigation turns up nothing

With great shock and amazement, I write to tell you that, after a few weeks study which concluded that “there was nothing to worry about ... Read more

1 month ago by Frank Ruff.

OPINION — Virginia’s community colleges bring unparalleled value

For the fourth year in a row, tuition at Southside Virginia Community College will remain unchanged. The State Board for Community Colleges made the decision ... Read more

2 months ago by Quentin Johnson.

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